W D Themes

Themes are a feature of Statiq Web and Statiq Docs that allow you to apply general content, data, layouts, and settings to your own site or to create a packaged set of layouts and assets for others to use.

In general, themes are placed in a theme folder alongside the input folder. Inside the theme folder is a theme input folder that contains any type of file the normal input folder would. The theme folder is combined with other input folders in the virtual file system at a lower priority (that is, any files in your input folder will take precedence over theme files). Themes can take advantage of this property by providing files that are intended to be overridden.

Themes can also include configuration files that contain global settings which are applied at a lower priority then other configuration files or settings from other sources. Theme configuration files go in the theme folder and can be named:

  • themesettings.json
  • statiq.json

A folder structure with a theme and both application and theme configuration files might look like:

  • appsettings.json
  • input\
    • content-file.md
  • theme\
    • themesettings.json
    • input\
      • styles.css
      • _Layout.cshtml

Themes can be copied into the theme folder from anywhere. In the future, Statiq will support built-in commands for obtaining and working with themes.


Statiq themes go in a theme folder alongside your input folder. If your site is inside a git repository, you can add the theme as a git submodule.

For example, to add the CleanBlog theme as a submodule:

git submodule add https://github.com/statiqdev/CleanBlog.git theme

Alternatively you can clone the theme directly:

git clone https://github.com/statiqdev/CleanBlog.git theme

Once inside the theme folder, Statiq will automatically recognize the theme. If you want to tweak the theme you can edit files directly in the theme folder or copy them to your input folder and edit them there.