D Specifying Code

By default, Statiq Docs is configured to look for source files in an src folder either one level up from your documentation site (I.e. if you've placed in a docs subfolder of your main repository) or directly under your documentation site. You can define alternate locations for your code, including directly pointing to assemblies, project files, or solution files.

Using Settings

The following settings can be used to specify the location of your code. They each accept one or more globbing patterns as either a string or collection of strings. If any of these settings are relative, their relative root is the virtual file system input path(s) which generally includes your input folder (as well as any other defined input folders).

  • SourceFiles: Locates C# source files and compiles them to determine what symbols to document.
    • By default, the patterns ../src/**/{!.git,!bin,!obj,!packages,!*.Tests,}/**/*.cs and ../../src/**/{!.git,!bin,!obj,!packages,!*.Tests,}/**/*.cs are used which searches for all *.cs files at any depth under a src folder but not under bin, obj, packages or Tests folders. The first globbing pattern looks for src folders alongside the input folder and the second looks for src folder up a level alongside the folder of your whole Statiq Docs project (the patterns are initially rooted on the input folder).
    • If you want to define other ways of locating code such as project files or assemblies, and don't want source files to be located, set this settings to an empty string.
  • ProjectFiles: Locates .NET project files and uses those to determine what symbols to document.
  • SolutionFiles: Locates .NET solution files and uses the projects in those to determine what symbols to document.
  • AssemblyFiles: Located assembly files and documents the symbols contained within.

Using The Bootstrapper

The bootstrapper can be used to specify the location of your code. The following bootstrapper extensions are available and correspond to the settings above:

  • AddSourceFiles
  • AddProjectFiles
  • AddSolutionFiles
  • AddAssemblyFiles

For example:

using System.Threading.Tasks;
using Statiq.App;
using Statiq.Docs;

namespace MySite
  public class Program
    public static async Task<int> Main(string[] args) =>
      await Bootstrapper