W D Netlify

Statiq can be configured to deploy to Netlify.

The following settings are used to configure deployment to Netlify:

  • NetlifySiteId: The ID of the Netlify site.
  • NetlifyAccessToken: The access token to use for deployment.

It's customary to set one or more of these settings as an environment variable in continuous integration environments (particularly secrets like the access token). In these scenarios you can either set an environment variable with the name of the setting or set the setting to an alternate environment variable (which itself will be added as a setting) using a computed value or configuration delegate.

Using a computed value in appsettings.json:

    "NetlifySiteId": "MySiteId",
    "NetlifyAccessToken": "=> TOKEN_VAR"

The bootstrapper also has an extension method for configuring deployment:

return await Bootstrapper
    // ...

If you're deploying to Netlify you can also set NetlifyRedirects to true to create a Netlify redirects file.