Command-Line Interface

Statiq provides a number of default commands and arguments to control execution.

Getting Help

You can view help for any command with the --help option:

dotnet run -- --help

    MyGenerator.dll [pipelines] [OPTIONS]

    [pipelines]    The pipeline(s) to execute

    -h, --help                  Prints help information
    -l, --log-level <LEVEL>     Sets the minimum log level ("Critical", "Error", "Warning", "Information", "Debug", "Trace", "None")
        --attach                Pause execution at the start of the program until a debugger is attached
    -f, --log-file <LOGFILE>    Log all messages to the specified log file
    -s, --setting <SETTING>     Specifies a setting as a key=value pair (the value can be omited)
    -i, --input <PATH>          The path(s) of input files, can be absolute or relative to the current folder
    -o, --output <PATH>         The path to output files, can be absolute or relative to the current folder
        --noclean               Prevents cleaning of the output path on each execution
        --nocache               Prevents caching information during execution (less memory usage but slower execution)
        --stdin                 Reads standard input at startup and sets ApplicationInput in the execution context
        --serial                Executes pipeline phases and modules in serial
    -r, --root                  The root folder to use
    -n, --normal                Executes normal pipelines as well as those specified

    pipelines    Executes the specified pipelines
    deploy       Executes deployment pipelines

W D Statiq Web Commands

In addition to the pipelines and deploy commands, Statiq Web provides some additional commands related to locally serving your site:

    preview      Builds the site and serves it, optionally watching for changes, rebuilding, and triggering client reload by default
    serve        Serves a folder, optionally watching for changes and triggering client reload by default

Defining Commands

Additional commands can be defined using a bootstrapper.