Running Your Application

Once you’ve created your content, you can run your Statiq application.

dotnet run

You can run your Statiq application directly using dotnet run but you need to delimit arguments for your Statiq application with a -- between the dotnet run command and the arguments you want to pass to your Statiq application. Anything after the -- will be passed to Statiq.

In general, calling dotnet run will compile your application, run the default pipelines, and generate output. Statiq Framework includes a variety of commands and arguments you can use to control execution.

dotnet publish

Alternatively you can publish your application using dotnet publish. This will create an executable for your generator that you can run without compilation. For more information see Publish .NET Core apps with the .NET Core CLI.

Child Pages

Command-Line Interface

Statiq provides a number of default commands and arguments to control execution.


One of the most powerful aspects of your static generator being a .NET application is that you have access to the full .NET development environment and tooling, including robust debugging support.

Preview Server W D

Statiq Web comes with a built-in preview server to help you while developing your layout and content.