Statiq.Feeds.Syndication.Rss Namespace

Class Types

Class Summary
RssCategory RSS 2.0 Category, see and
RssChannel RSS 2.0 Channel, see
RssChannelBase RSS 2.0 Channel, see
RssCloud RSS 2.0 Cloud, see and
RssEnclosure RSS 2.0 Enclosure, see and and$221.
RssFeed Really Simple Syndication (RSS 2.0), see and
RssGuid RSS 2.0 Guid - The value can be any string, not just a URI.
RssImage RSS 2.0 Image, see
RssItem RSS 2.0 Item, see
RssPerson RSS 2.0 Email, see
RssSkipDays RSS 2.0 SkipDays, see
RssSkipHours RSS 2.0 SkipHours, see
RssSource RSS 2.0 Source, see
RssTextInput RSS 2.0 TextInput, see

Structure Types

Structure Summary