WebRequestHeaders Class
The request headers to use with the ReadWeb module.
Base Types
  • object
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public class WebRequestHeaders


Name Summary
WebRequestHeaders() Creates a new empty set of request headers.
WebRequestHeaders(IEnumerable<KeyValuePair<string, string>>) Creates the specified request headers.


Name Property Type Summary
Accept List<string>
AcceptCharset List<string>
AcceptEncoding List<string>
AcceptLanguage List<string>
BasicAuthorization Tuple<string, string>
Connection List<string>
Date DateTimeOffset?
Expect List<string>
ExpectContinue bool?
From string
Host string
IfMatch List<string>
IfModifiedSince DateTimeOffset?
IfNoneMatch List<string>
IfUnmodifiedSince DateTimeOffset?
MaxForwards int?
Referrer Uri
TransferEncoding List<string>
TransferEncodingChunked bool?


Name Return Value Summary
Add(string, IEnumerable<string>) WebRequestHeaders
Adds a new request header with multiple values.
Add(string, string) WebRequestHeaders
Adds a new request header.
Remove(string) WebRequestHeaders
Removes a request header.
SetBasicAuthorization(string, string) void

Extension Methods