GetLink(IExecutionState, string, string, string, bool, bool, bool, bool) Method
Converts the path into a string appropriate for use as a link, overriding one or more settings from the configuration.


public static string GetLink(this IExecutionState executionState, string path, string host, string root, bool useHttps, bool hideIndexPages, bool hideExtensions, bool lowercase)


Name Type Description
executionState IExecutionState The execution state.
path string The path to generate a link for.
host string The host to use for the link.
root string The root of the link. The value of this parameter is prepended to the path.
useHttps bool If set to true, HTTPS will be used as the scheme for the link.
hideIndexPages bool If set to true, index files will be hidden.
hideExtensions bool If set to true, extensions will be hidden.
lowercase bool If set to true, links will be rendered in all lowercase.

Return Value

Type Description
string A string representation of the path suitable for a web link with the specified root and hidden file name or extension.