GetLink(IExecutionState, IDocument, bool) Method
Gets a link for the specified document using the document destination. This version should be used inside modules to ensure consistent link generation. Note that you can optionally include the host or not depending on if you want to generate host-specific links. By default, the host is not included so that sites work the same on any server including the preview server.


public static string GetLink(this IExecutionState executionState, IDocument document, bool includeHost = false)


To add a query and/or fragment to the document link, use GetLink(IDocument, string, bool).


Name Type Description
executionState IExecutionState The execution context.
document IDocument The document to generate a link for.
includeHost bool If set to true the host configured in the output settings will be included in the link, otherwise the host will be omitted and only the root path will be included (default).

Return Value

Type Description
string A string representation of the path suitable for a web link.