Porting From Wyam

Statiq Web is roughly compatible with the Wyam blog recipe, but Statiq and Wyam are two different projects and not everything has a direct equivalent, especially if you customized your Wyam site. That said, whatever you could do in Wyam you can almost certainly do in Statiq, even if it's a little different. If you're having trouble figuring out how to port a particular feature, please head over to the discussions and let us know so we can help out.

Here are some notes if you're porting from Wyam to Statiq Web:

  • You will need to create a Statiq Web app at the root of your site (you can keep the input directory).
    • Run dotnet new console at the root of your site.
    • Run dotnet add package Statiq.Web --version x.y.z (using the latest Statiq Web version).
    • Change the generated Program class in Program.cs to:
using System;
using System.Threading.Tasks;
using Statiq.App;
using Statiq.Web;

namespace ...
  public class Program
    public static async Task<int> Main(string[] args) =>
      await Bootstrapper
  • Find a theme and follow the installation instructions to install the theme into your site (optional).

  • Create a settings.yml file at the root of your site and copy over settings from your config.wyam file

    • Since the new settings file is YAML you don't need to prefix strings or anything, for example Settings[Keys.Host] = "daveaglick.com"; becomes Host: daveaglick.com.
    • If you defined a global "Title" setting in config.wyam the new theme should set "SiteTitle" instead (and if not, a "SiteTitle" should be defined).
    • If you defined an "Intro" setting, that should be placed in a new _index.yml file in your input directory with a key of "Description".
  • If you created an input/assets/css/override.css file, move it to input/scss/_overrides.scss (and you can now use Sass inside the CSS overrides file).

  • Replace any uses of img-response CSS class with img-fluid since this theme uses a newer version of Bootstrap and that CSS class changed.

  • Rename and fix up any override theme files or partials according to the supported ones documented in the new theme.

    • For example, the old Wyam CleanBlog supported a _PostFooter.cshtml which should be renamed to _post-footer.cshtml in the new Statiq CleanBlog theme.
    • The CSS may not match exactly, especially if you're changing themes, so you may need to take a look at the default partial implementations in the new theme and adjust your override files accordingly.
  • You can likely remove any build scripting and bootstrapping code since you can now run dotnet run -- preview to preview the site.

  • If you have Disqus code for comments on your blog that looks like something like this:

var disqus_identifier = '@Model.FilePath(Keys.RelativeFilePath).FileNameWithoutExtension.FullPath';
var disqus_title = '@Model.String(Wyam.Blog.BlogKeys.Title)';
var disqus_url = '@Context.GetLink(Model)';

You can change it to this:

var disqus_identifier = '@Document.Destination.FileNameWithoutExtension.FullPath';
var disqus_title = '@Document.GetString("Title")';
var disqus_url = '@Document.GetLink(true)';