Template Languages

A template language defines syntax you can use along with your content to describe how it should be rendered to a designated output format. Through various extension libraries, Statiq provides support for multiple templating engines and languages.

HTML Template Languages


The RenderMarkdown module in the Statiq.Markdown package renders Markdown content to HTML.

The Statiq.Markdown package also contains a Markdown shortcode you can use to render Markdown content in any other template, including raw HTML files.


The RenderRazor module in the Statiq.Razor package renders Razor templates to HTML, including full .NET Core 3.x conventions such as partials, layout files, and tag helpers.


The RenderHandlebars module in the Statiq.Handlebars package renders Handlebars templates to HTML.

CSS Template Languages


The CompileSass module in the Statiq.Sass package compiles Sass content to CSS.


The CompileLess module in the Statiq.Less package compiles Less content to CSS.